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Quick Control Oscilloscope Requirements

You can use the Quick-Control Oscilloscope, which is included in the Instrument Control Toolbox™ Support Package for National Instruments® VISA and ICP Interfaces, for any oscilloscope that uses an underlying IVI-C driver. However, you do not have to directly deal with the underlying driver. You can also use it for Tektronix® oscilloscopes. Quick Control Oscilloscope is an easy to use interface for getting up and running quickly using IVI-C oscilloscopes.

The documentation examples use a specific instrument, a Keysight™ MSO6104 oscilloscope. This feature works with any IVI-C class oscilloscope. You can follow the basic steps, using your particular instrument.

To use the Quick-Control Oscilloscope for an IVI-C scope, you must have the following software installed. Most components are installed by the Instrument Control Toolbox Support Package for National Instruments VISA and ICP Interfaces.

  • Windows® 64-bit platforms

  • VISA shared components (installed by the support package)

  • VISA (installed by the support package)

  • National Instruments IVI® compliance package NICP 4.1 or later (installed by the support package)

  • Your instrument’s device-specific driver

You can use instrhwinfo to confirm that the required software is installed.

% Check that the software is properly installed.