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Set the timeout value that PIL uses for reading data





setPILTimeout(hwObj,timeVal) configures the timeout value in seconds to be used by the processor-in-the-loop (PIL) execution for reading data from the NVIDIA® target. This value is valid until the hardware object is live.


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You can configure the timeout value used by PIL for reading data on an NVIDIA Jetson hardware from the MATLAB® environment using the setPILTimeout method of the jetson hardware connection object.

To create a live hardware connection object, provide the host name or IP address, user name, and password of the target board.

hwObj = jetson('','ubuntu','ubuntu');

Input Arguments

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Connection to a specific NVIDIA hardware board, specified as a jetson or drive object.

Use the jetson or the drive function to create this connection.

Specify the timeout value (in seconds) used by PIL for reading data from the target hardware. This value must be positive integer greater than or equal to 30.

Example: 30

Data Types: double

Introduced in R2019a