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Prepare model for hardware connection, add blocks to support hardware protocols


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V4L2 Video CaptureCapture video from USB camera using V4L2
SDL Video DisplayDisplay video using SDL
eSpeak Text to SpeechConvert text to speech for output on default audio device
ALSA Audio CaptureCapture audio from sound card using ALSA
Audio File ReadRead audio frames from an audio file
ALSA Audio PlaybackSend audio to sound card for playback using ALSA
GPIO ReadRead logical value of GPIO pin configured as input
GPIO WriteWrite logical value of GPIO pin configured as output
Standard Servo WriteDrive servo motor to specified angle
LEDIlluminate built-in LED
PWMPulse width modulation of digital output pin
CAN Receive Receive message from CAN network
CAN TransmitTransmit message to CAN network
SPI Master TransferWrite data to and read data from SPI slave device
SPI Register WriteWrite data to registers of an SPI slave device
SPI Register ReadRead data from SPI slave device register
I2C Master ReadRead data from I2C slave device or I2C slave device register
I2C Master WriteWrite data to I2C slave device or I2C slave device register
Serial WriteWrite data to the serial device
Serial ReadRead data from serial device
ThingSpeak ReadRead data stored in ThingSpeak channel
ThingSpeak WritePublish data to the Internet of Things using ThingSpeak
MQTT SubscribeReceive messages from MQTT broker for specified topic
MQTT PublishPublish messages to MQTT broker on specified topic
UDP ReceiveReceive UDP packets over IP network
UDP SendSend UDP packets over IP network
TCP/IP ReceiveReceive data over TCP/IP network from remote host
TCP/IP SendSend data over TCP/IP network to another remote host
Websocket PublishPublish data to WebSocket server in JSON format
Websocket SubscribeSubscribe to the JSON data received by a WebSocket server
HTS221 Humidity SensorMeasure relative humidity and ambient temperature from Humidity sensor
LPS25h Pressure SensorMeasure barometric air pressure and ambient temperature
LSM9DS1 IMU SensorMeasure linear acceleration, angular rate and magnetic field along X, Y, and Z axis
JoystickRead the state of five-position Joystick
8x8 RGB LED MatrixControl pixel(s) color of 8x8 RGB LED Matrix


Model Configuration Simulink Support Package for Raspberry Pi Hardware

This section describes about the model configuration parameters.

Open Block Library for Raspberry Pi Hardware

Locate Simulink® block library for Raspberry Pi™ hardware

Use Camera Board with V4L2 Video Capture Block

Add Support for Raspberry Pi Camera Board

Log Signals on an SD Card

Log signals from Simulink models on an SD card mounted on the target hardware