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Add Simulink model to Run-on-boot





addToRunOnBoot(raspPiObj,'model_name1') adds a Simulink® model to Run-on-boot. If you add a model to Run-on-boot, the model automatically starts to run each time you restart the Raspberry Pi™ hardware.


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To add a model to Run-on-boot:

  1. Create a connection to the Raspberry Pi hardware.

    raspPiObj = raspberrypi('','pi','raspberrypi')
    rasPiObj = 
      raspberrypi with properties:
        DeviceAddress: ''
                 Port: 22

    For more information on creating a connection to Raspberry Pi hardware, see raspberrypi.

  2. Use the addToRunOnBoot function.

    If the model is successfully added, the function returns the name of the model. Otherwise, the function returns an empty cell.

    ans = 
         1×1 cell array 

Input Arguments

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The object that represents the connection to Raspberry Pi hardware.

Example: raspPiObj

The name of the Simulink model to be added to Run-on-boot.

Example: 'raspberrypi_gettingstarted'

Data Types: char

Introduced in R2018a