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F2803x Blocks

Blocks that support only F2803x boards

The F2803x blocks support analog I/O, digital I/O, pulse-width modulation, and other board-specific features.


C280x/C2802x/C2803x/C2805x/C2806x/C2833x/C2834x/F28M3x/F2807x/F2837xD/F2837xS/F28004x GPIO Digital InputConfigure general-purpose input/output pins as digital input
C280x/C2802x/C2803x/C2805x/C2806x/C2833x/C2834x/F28M3x/F2807x/F2837xD/F2837xS/F28004x GPIO Digital OutputConfigure general-purpose input/output pins as digital output
C2803x LIN ReceiveReceive data via local interconnect network (LIN) module on target
C2803x LIN TransmitTransmit data from target via serial communications interface (SCI) to host
C2802x/C2803x/C2806x/F28M3x AnalogIO InputConfigure pin, sample time, and data type for analog input
C2802x/C2803x/C2806x/F28M3x AnalogIO OutputConfigure Analog IO to output analog signals on specific pins
C2802x/C2803x/C2805x/C2806x/F28M3x/F2807x/F2837xD/F2837xS/F28004x ADCConfigure ADC to sample analog pins and output digital data
C2802x/C2803x/C2806x/F28M3x COMPCompare two input voltages on comparator pins
C280x/C2802x/C2803x/C2805x/C2806x/C2833x/C2834x/F28M3x/F2807x/F2837xD/F2837xS/F28004x ePWMGenerate enhanced Pulse Width Modulated (ePWM) waveforms