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C28x Generic Blocks

C28x generic blocks that support F280x boards

The C28x generic blocks support communications, interrupt, and timer operations for F280x boards.


C28x eCAN ReceiveEnhanced Controller Area Network receive mailbox
C28x eCAN TransmitEnhanced Controller Area Network transmit mailbox
C28x eCAPReceive and log transitions on capture input pin or configure auxiliary pulse width modulator
C28x CAN Calibration ProtocolImplement CAN Calibration Protocol (CCP)
C28x I2C ReceiveConfigure inter-integrated circuit (I2C) module to receive data from I2C bus
C28x I2C TransmitConfigure inter-integrated circuit (I2C) module to transmit data to I2C bus
C28x eQEPQuadrature encoder pulse block used to derive position, direction, and speed
C28x SCI ReceiveReceive data on target via serial communication interface (SCI) from host
C28x SCI TransmitTransmit data from target via serial communication interface (SCI) to host
C28x Software Interrupt TriggerGenerate software-triggered nonmaskable interrupt
C28x SPI Master TransferWrite data to and read data from SPI slave device
C28x SPI ReceiveReceive data through Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) on target
C28x SPI TransmitTransmit data through Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) on target
C28x WatchdogConfigure counter reset source of processor watchdog module