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Optimization — C28x IQmath (tiiqmathlib)

Blocks that represent the functionality of the TI IQmath Library

IQmath blocks support all C2000™ boards.


C2000 Absolute IQNAbsolute value
C2000 Arctangent IQNFour-quadrant arc tangent
C2000 Division IQNDivide IQ numbers
C2000 Float to IQNConvert floating-point number to IQ number
C2000 Fractional part IQNFractional part of IQ number
C2000 Fractional part IQN x int32Fractional part of result of multiplying IQ number and long integer
C2000 Integer part IQNInteger part of IQ number
C2000 Integer part IQN x int32Integer part of result of multiplying IQ number and long integer
C2000 IQN to FloatConvert IQ number to floating-point number
C2000 IQN x int32Multiply IQ number with long integer
C2000 IQN x IQNMultiply IQ numbers with same Q format
C2000 IQN1 to IQN2Convert IQ number to different Q format
C2000 IQN1 x IQN2Multiply IQ numbers with different Q formats
C2000 Magnitude IQNMagnitude of two orthogonal IQ numbers
C2000 Saturate IQNSaturate IQ number
C2000 Square Root IQNSquare root or inverse square root of IQ number
C2000 Trig Fcn IQNSine, cosine, or arc tangent of IQ number