F2837xD IPC Transmit

Transmit data to either CPU

  • Library:
  • Embedded Coder Support Package for Texas Instruments C2000 Processors / F2837xD


The IPC Transmit block transmits data from one CPU to the other.

CPU1 transmits data to its allocated memory (CPU1-to-CPU2 Message RAM) and receives data from the allocated memory of CPU2 (CPU2-to-CPU1 Message RAM). CPU2 transmits data to CPU2-to-CPU1 Message RAM and receives data from CPU1-to-CPU2 Message RAM.



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The port accepts data to be transmitted to the other CPU as a vector or scalar.


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The channel from which you want to transmit data. Each channel is a separate memory location in the shared memory.


The transmitter and receiver have 32 channels each to transmit and receive data. For data transmission and reception, the transmitter and receiver must be set to the same channel number.

When enabled, after sending data, the CPU waits until the other CPU reads the data.

Introduced in R2018a