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Supported Texas Instruments C2000 Processors

Processor Family


TI Delfino F28377S LaunchPad


TI Delfino F2837xS

F28379S, F28377S, F28376S, F28375S, and F28374S

TI Delfino F28379D LaunchPad


TI Delfino F2837xD

F28379D, F28377D, F28376D, F28375D, and F28374D

TI Delfino F2833x

F28335, F28334, and F28332

TI Delfino C2834x

C28346, C28345, C28344, C28343, C28342, and C28341

TI Piccolo F280049C LaunchPadF280049C
TI Piccolo F28004x

F280049M, F280049C, F280049, F280048C, F280048, F280045, F280041C, F280041, F280040C, and F280040

TI Piccolo F2807x

F28075 and F28074

TI Piccolo F2806x

F28069M, F28069, F28068, F28067, F28066, F28065, F28064, F28063, and F28062

TI Piccolo F28069M LaunchPad


TI Piccolo F2805x

F28055, F28054, F28053, F28052, F28051, and F28050

TI Piccolo F2803x

F28035, F28034, F28033, F28032, F28031, and F28030

TI Piccolo F2802x

F28027, F28026, F28023, F28022, F28021, F28020, and F280200

TI Piccolo F28027/F28027F LaunchPad


TI F280x

F2809, F2808, F2806, F2802, F2801, F28016, and F28015

TI F28044


TI F281x

F2812, F2811, and F2810

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