Mode for computing quantile lines in box plots

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Value Summary

OptionalTRUE or FALSE

Graphics Primitives

ObjectsAveraged Default Values


Statistical box plots indicate the 25%/50%/75% quantiles of data samples by horizontal lines. With the default Averaged = TRUE, the quantile lines are computed using stats::empiricalQuantile using the option Averaged.

A plot of type plot::Boxplot serves for visualizing and comparing statistical data samples. The plot reduces the data to few simple descriptive parameters.

A typical notched box looks like this:

The location of the 25%/50%/75% quantile lines are computed internally via stats::empiricalQuantile. When using Averaged = TRUE in the box plot, the quantile function is called with the option Averaged (see the help page of stats::empiricalQuantile for details).


Example 1

By default, the quantile lines of the boxes are computed with the option Averaged. When using Averaged = FALSE, the quantiles are computed without this option:

r := random(0..10):
SEED := 123:
data := [r() $ k = 1..250]:
     plot::Boxplot(data, Averaged = TRUE, BoxCenters = 0.5,
                         Color = RGB::Blue, Notched),
     plot::Boxplot(data, Averaged = FALSE, BoxCenters = 1.5,
                         Color = RGB::Red, Notched)

delete r, SEED, data:

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