Size of a point list

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OptionalMuPAD® expression

Graphics Primitives

ObjectsSize Default Values


Size represents the number of plot points in a plot::QQplot.

A plot::QQplot accepts two data lists, displaying a set of plot points with coordinate values given by quantile values of the data. By default, the number of plot points is chosen as the minimum of the sizes of the two data lists. In principle, however, the number of plot points can be chosen independently of the data sizes. With Size = n, the number of plot points of the QQ plot can be set to any positive integer value n.

The value of Size can be animated.


Example 1

We create a QQ plot:

data1 := [stats::normalRandom(0, 1)() $ k = 1..100]:
data2 := [stats::normalRandom(0, 1)() $ k = 1..200]:
qq := plot::QQplot(data1, data2):

By default, the minimum of the data sizes is chosen as the number of plot points in the plot (i.e., Size = 100 in this case). We reduce the number of plot points by setting the value of Size explicitly:

qq::Size := 30:

The number of plot points can also be specified directly by passing the attribute Size = n. In the following graphics, this value is animated:

plot(plot::QQplot(data1, data2, Size = n, n = 10..200));

delete data1, data2, qq: