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Close WDS connection





close(c) closes the Wind Data Feed Services (WDS) connection.


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Using a WDS connection, retrieve current data for a single security and display the data. Then close the connection.

Create a WDS connection.

c = wind;

Format output data for currency.

format bank

Using the 0001.HK security, retrieve the current high and low prices.

s = '0001.HK';
f = ["high","low"];
d = getdata(c,s,f)
d=1×2 table
               HIGH      LOW 
               _____    _____

    0001.HK    99.50    98.00

d is a table with one row for the single security. Each variable in the table corresponds to each specified field.

Close the WDS connection.


Input Arguments

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WDS connection, specified as a connection object created with the wind function.

Introduced in R2018a