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Update MAC management frame configuration object with specified IE


macmgmtconfig = addIE(macmgmtconfig,id,information)


macmgmtconfig = addIE(macmgmtconfig,id,information) appends the specified information element (IE) to the InformationElements property in wlanMACManagementConfig.

Input Arguments

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MAC management frame configuration, specified as a wlanMACManagementConfig object.

IE ID field, specified as a nonnegative integer in the interval [0,255]. Refer to Table 9-77 in IEEE Std.802.11, 2016.

Data Types: double

Value of information field in hexadecimal format, specified as a character vector or string scalar of hexadecimal octets. Refer to Section 9.4.2 in IEEE Std.802.11, 2016.

Data Types: char | string

Output Arguments

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MAC management frame-body configuration with updated IE, returned as a wlanMACManagementConfig object.


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Add the information element 'DSSS Parameter Set' to a WLAN MAC management frame-body configuration object using the addIE object function. The element ID for 'DSSS Parameter Set' is 3. The information is '0b', representing the current channel (11) in hexadecimal format.

config = wlanMACManagementConfig('FrameType','Beacon');
config = addIE(config,3,'0b');

Display the information elements of the frame-body configuration object using the displayIEs object function.

Element ID: 0, Information: 0x64656661756C742053534944
Element ID: 1, Information: 0x8C98B0
Element ID: 3, Information: 0x0B

Introduced in R2018b