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External Code Integration

S-Function blocks written in C or Fortran

To model your design, you can integrate external software with your real-time application. You can access external software with Simulink® S-Function blocks written in C or in Fortran. Using Fortran requires processing steps beyond the steps required to write an S-function in C.


Implement Algorithms Using MATLAB (Simulink)

Implement a new algorithm using MATLAB®

Implement Algorithms Using C/C++ Code (Simulink)

Implement a new algorithm using C/C++ code

Integrate Fortran Code (Simulink)

Implement Fortran code in custom Simulink blocks

Integrate Legacy Code (Simulink)

Integrate existing C or C++ functions, such as device drivers or external simulation code

S-Functions (Simulink Coder)

Develop S-function to represent external code and inline S-function with Target Language Compiler (TLC) block target file

Fortran S-Functions

Use Simulink S-functions to incorporate Fortran code into a real-time application.