Type definition for file information structure


typedef struct {
int  FilePos;
int  AllocatedSize;
int  ClusterChains;
int  VolumeSerialNumber;
char FullName[255];


Do not use this C API type definition. Support for this type definition relies on support for the C API, which will be removed in a future release.



This value contains the current file pointer.


This value contains the currently allocated file size.


This value indicates how many separate cluster chains are allocated for the file.


This value holds the serial number of the volume the file resides on.


This value contains a copy of the complete path name of the file. This field is valid only while the file is open.


The fileinfo structure contains information for files in the file system.

There are the following limitations:

  • You can have at most 128 files open on the target computer at the same time.

  • The largest single file that you can create on the target computer is 4 GB.

  • A fully qualified folder name can have a maximum of 248 characters, including the drive letter, colon, and backslash.

  • A fully qualified file name in the operating system on the target computer can have a maximum of 260 characters. If the file name is longer than eight-dot-three format (eight character file name, period, three character extension), the operating system represents the file name in truncated form (for example, six characters followed by '~1'). MATLAB commands can access the file using the fully qualified file name or the truncated representation of the name. Some block parameters, such as the Scope block filename parameter, require 8.3 format for the file name.

  • Do not write data to the private folder on your target computer. It is reserved for Simulink® Real-Time™ internal use.

Introduced before R2006a