Return free space and total space on the drive, in bytes



disk_space = getDiskSpace(target_object, drive_name) returns a structure containing the free space and the total space on the drive, in bytes. If a drive with that name does not exist on the target computer, the function displays an error message.


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Return the free space and the total space on the C:\ drive on the target computer.

tg = slrt;
disk_space = getDiskSpace(tg,'C:\')
disk_space = 

  struct with fields:

     freeDiskSpacebytes: 5.9885e+10
    totalDiskSpacebytes: 6.0005e+10

Input Arguments

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Object that represents the target computer. Before calling this function, make sure that you start the target computer with the Simulink® Real-Time™ kernel and apply the required Ethernet link settings.

Example: tg

Enclose the drive name as a character vector or string scalar. The drive must exist on the target computer.

Example: 'C:\'

Data Types: char | string

Output Arguments

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Introduced in R2018a