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Communication Protocols

Standard communication and industrial protocols

Block sets representing drivers for commonly used communication and I/O protocols, grouped by protocol. Each protocol block set includes utilities to manage data according to that protocol.

Speedgoat provides I/O modules with ready-to-use hardware configurations, a driver block library, and documentation.

  • CAN
    Automotive hardware control with CAN protocol
  • EtherCAT
    Real-time distributed control with EtherCAT® protocol
  • Ethernet
    Model-based communications with Ethernet protocol
  • J1939
    Data acquisition with J1939 protocol running over CAN
  • IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol
    Synchronized networked measurement and execution across target computers with PTP
  • TCP
    Real-time communication with Transmission Control Protocol
  • Real-Time UDP
    Real-time communication with low-level internet protocol
  • RS-232
    Serial communication with RS-232 protocols
  • USB Video
    USB video processor, USB Video Class (UVC) webcams, driverless cameras
  • XCP
    Stimulus and measurement with XCP in master mode