Development Computer Setup

Development computer configuration with MATLAB® language

To build, download, and run a real-time application from a development computer, configure the development computer CPU and peripherals. To create the real-time application, install the Simulink® Real-Time™ software. To build the real-time application, install a C compiler. To download the real-time application to the target computer and communicate with the application, configure an Ethernet TCP/IP interface.


mexBuild MEX function or engine application
slrtgetCCCompiler settings for development computer environment
slrtsetCCCompiler settings for development computer environment


Development Computer Requirements

Configuring the CPU, peripherals, and Ethernet interface of the development computer.

Development Computer Communication Setup

Configure the development computer to communicate with the target computer via Ethernet.

Development Computer Software Installation

Installing Simulink Real-Time on the development computer.

Command-Line C Compiler Configuration

Configure the compiler on your development computer with MATLAB language.