Target Computer Settings

To run a Simulink® Real-Time™ model on a target computer, you must configure the target settings to match the capabilities of the target computer.

  1. Open a Simulink Real-Time model by creating a model from the Simulink start page. In the MATLAB Command Window, type:


    Select the Simulink Real-Time template from the start page and create the exampleSlrtApp model. Or, in the Command Window, use the Simulink.createFromTemplate command.

  2. In the Simulink Editor, open the Target Computer Manager. In the Real-Time tab, from the targets list, click Target Computer Manager.

  3. From the Target Computers list, select the target computer node.

    • To add a node representing another target computer, in the Targets pane, click the Add target button.

    • To remove a node representing a target computer, select the node and click the Remove target button.

  4. From the Advanced settings list, execute the following target computer settings as required:

    • USB Support — If you want to use a USB port on the target computer, for example, to connect a USB keyboard, leave this check box selected. Otherwise, clear it.

    • Graphics mode — If you want to display information, such as a target scope, in graphic format, leave this check box selected. If you want to display information as text, clear it.

The Target Computer Manager window looks like this figure.

Repeat this procedure as required for each target computer.

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