EtherCAT Init Block DC Error Values

The Simulink® Real-Time™ EtherCAT Init block returns the following EtherCAT® distributed clock (DC) error values related to the master shift controller.

Error ValueDescription
1 (0x1)Initialization function not called or not successful
2 (0x2)Controller error — synchronization out of limit
3 (0x3)Not enough memory
4 (0x4)Hardware layer — (BSP) invalid
5 (0x5)Hardware layer — error modifying the timer
6 (0x6)Hardware layer — timer is not running
7 (0x7)Hardware layer — function is called on wrong CPU
8 (0x8)Invalid DC synchronization period length
9 (0x9)Error DCM Controller SetVal is too small
10 (0xA)Error DCM Controller — Drift between local timer and ref clock too high