System Configuration with MATLAB

Development and target computer configuration, target computer boot method, confidence test

With MATLAB® language, configure communication with the target computer. Determine the target computer configuration and configure the Simulink® Real-Time™ kernel so that it uses as much as possible of the target computer capabilities. See Command-Line Setup.


Target Settings PropertiesSettings related to target computer


SimulinkRealTime.targetRepresent real-time application and target computer status
SimulinkRealTime.openFTPProvide FTP access to folders and files on target computer
SimulinkRealTime.InstrumentationCreate a real-time instrumentation object


slrtInterface for managing target computer
slrtgetCCCompiler settings for development computer environment
slrtsetCCCompiler settings for development computer environment
SimulinkRealTime.createBootImageCreate Simulink Real-Time boot disk or DOS Loader files
slrtpingtargetTest communication between development and target computers
SimulinkRealTime.pingTargetTest communication between development and target computers
SimulinkRealTime.getTargetSettingsGet target computer environment settings
SimulinkRealTime.getSupportInfoDiagnostic information to troubleshoot configuration issues
SimulinkRealTime.targetSettings.setAsDefaultTargetSet specific target computer as default target computer
getDiskSpaceReturn free space and total space on the drive, in bytes
getPCIInfoReturn information about PCI boards installed in target computer
macaddrConvert character vector or string scalar MAC address to vector-based address


1. Development Computer Setup

Development Computer Requirements

Configuring the CPU, peripherals, and Ethernet interface of the development computer.

2. Target Computer Setup

Command-Line Target Computer Settings

Configure target computer settings with MATLAB language. Speedgoat target machines support PCI bus Ethernet cards.

3. Target Computer Boot Configuration

Command-Line Target Computer Boot Methods

Configure boot methods for target computers with MATLAB language. Speedgoat target machines support network, DOS loader, and standalone mode boot methods.

4. Installation Test

Run Confidence Test on Configuration

Test the basic operation of your Simulink Real-Time system.


Troubleshooting in Simulink Real-Time

Troubleshoot problems that you encounter while using the Simulink Real-Time product