Troubleshoot Communication Timeout with Target Computers and Multiple Ethernet Cards

Some issue related to multiple Ethernet cards in the target computer is causing communications between the development computer and target computer to time out.

What This Issue Means

The Simulink® Real-Time™ product supports multiple Ethernet cards and chips. If your target computer has more than one of these cards or chips installed, it is possible to experience timeout problems. For example, suppose that you are using the network boot option to start target computer A. When the development computer starts the target computer, it associates the target computer IP address with the Media Access Control (MAC) address of Ethernet adapter A. Then, suppose that the target computer BIOS connects the target computer to Ethernet adapter B. In this case, the Simulink Real-Time software cannot connect the development and target computers because they are connected to different Ethernet controllers.

Try This Workaround

If your Speedgoat target computer has multiple Ethernet adapters of the same type, use one of the following procedures to determine which Ethernet adapter the software found. For support with resolving this possible issue with your Speedgoat target machine, contact Speedgoat support:

Check Communications for Network Boot

If you are using the network boot option to start the target computer, follow the procedure in Ethernet Card Selection by Index.

Check Communications for Non-Network Boot

If you are not using the network boot option to start the target computer, do the following:

  1. Switch the network cable to the other Ethernet port and restart the target computer. Try to communicate with the target computer from the development computer.

  2. If you can communicate using this Ethernet port, use this port to connect the development computer to the target computer.

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