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Troubleshoot with Confidence Test

A Simulink® Real-Time™ installation can sometimes fail. Causes include development and target computer failures, changes in underlying system software, I/O module failures, and procedural errors. To address these issues, follow this process:

  1. Run the confidence test. For more information, see Run Confidence Test on Configuration.

    Run the confidence test as the first step in troubleshooting, and in validating your initial product installation and configuration.

  2. If one or more tests fail, see the following information about the specific test:

  3. Investigate the categorized troubleshooting sections for clues to the root cause of the issue.

  4. If the tests run, but task execution time is slow or the CPU becomes overloaded, see Real-Time Application Performance in Troubleshooting in Simulink Real-Time.

  5. For more information, refer to the following sources:

    For Speedgoat hardware issues, contact Speedgoat Tech Support:

  6. If these sources do not solve your issue, contact MathWorks Technical Support. See Find Simulink Real-Time Support.