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Install Simulink Real-Time Software Updates

The general procedure for updating Simulink® Real-Time™ is:

  1. Navigate to the MathWorks® download page:

  2. Navigate to the page for the Simulink Real-Time software version that you want. Download it to your development computer.

  3. Install and integrate the new release software.

After updating Simulink Real-Time, to recreate your Simulink Real-Time target settings:

  1. In the MATLAB® Command Window, type slrtexplr.

  2. On the Targets pane, expand the target computer node.

  3. On the toolbar, click the Target Properties button .

  4. Select Host-to-Target communication and select the required communication method between your development and target computers (PCI Bus Ethernet Setup).

  5. Select Boot configuration and click Create boot disk.

  6. Restart the target computer.

  7. For each model that you want to execute, in Simulink Editor, from the Code menu, click C/C++ Code > Build Model.

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