Troubleshoot Communication Failure with Target Computers

Some issue is causing the communications link to fail between the development computer and the target computer.

What This Issue Means

The development computer communicates with the target computer by using an Ethernet communications link. Various software and hardware configuration issues can interfere with this link.

Try This Workaround

To test the communication link between the development and target computers, use these MATLAB® commands from the development computer:

  • slrtpingtarget — The slrtpingtarget command performs a basic communication check between the development and target computers. This command returns success only if the Simulink® Real-Time™ kernel is loaded and running and the development and target computers are linked. Use this command for a quick check of the communication between the development and target computers.

  • slrttest — The slrttest command performs a series of tests on your Simulink Real-Time system. These tests range from performing a basic link check to building and running real-time applications. At the end of each test, the command returns an OK or failure message. If the test is inappropriate for your setup, the command returns a SKIPPED message. Use this command for a thorough check of your Simulink Real-Time installation.

Boot Kernel Mismatch

Link errors can occur if the target computer is running an old Simulink Real-Time boot kernel that is not synchronized with the Simulink Real-Time release installed on the development computer. Recreate the target boot kernel for each new release.

Firewall Interference

Link errors can occur if you have an active firewall in your system. To work around this issue, add the MATLAB interface to the firewall exception list.

Multiple Ethernet Card Configurations

Link errors can occur if multiple Ethernet cards or chips are installed in the target computer. See Troubleshoot Communication Timeout with Target Computers and Multiple Ethernet Cards.

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