Signal Monitoring Basics

Signal monitoring acquires real-time signal data without time information during real-time application execution. There is minimal additional load on the real-time tasks. Use signal monitoring to acquire signal data without creating scopes that run on the target computer.

In addition to signal monitoring, Simulink® Real-Time™ enables you to monitor Stateflow® states as test points through the Simulink Real-Time Explorer and MATLAB® command-line interfaces. You designate data or a state in a Stateflow diagram as a test point, making it observable during execution. You can work with Stateflow states as you do with Simulink Real-Time signals, such as monitoring or plotting Stateflow states.

When you monitor signals from referenced models, first set the test point for the signal in the referenced model.


  • Simulink Real-Time Explorer works with multidimensional signals in column-major format.

  • Some signals are not observable.

You can monitor signals using Simulink Real-Time Explorer and MATLAB language. You can monitor Stateflow states using Simulink Real-Time Explorer, MATLAB language, and Simulink external mode.

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