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Test 5: Check Communication with Target Computer

This error occurs only when the target computer settings are out of date.

  1. In the MATLAB® Command Window, type slrtexplr.

  2. In the Targets pane, expand the target computer node.

  3. On the toolbar, click the Target Properties button .

  4. Select Host-to-Target communication and make the required changes to the communication properties.

  5. Select Boot configuration.

  6. Set the required Boot mode.

    For information on boot options, see Target Computer Boot Methods.

  7. Click Create boot disk

  8. Restart the target computer.

  9. Rerun slrttest.

  10. If these steps do not resolve the issue, recreate the target boot kernel using SimulinkRealTime.createBootImage, restart the target computer, and rerun slrttest.

If this procedure does not solve your issue, continue with the tests in Troubleshoot with Confidence Test. If you still cannot solve the issue, see Find Simulink Real-Time Support.