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Troubleshoot Communication Failure Through Firewall

Some issue with Windows® Defender Firewall of the development computer causes a communications failure with the target computer.

What This Issue Means

This failure occurs when the firewall settings in Windows Defender Security Center block communications with the target computer. The firewall configuration must not block the IP addresses that the development and target computers use to communicate.

Try This Workaround

Configure the firewall settings in Windows Defender Security Center to allow communications between the development and target computers.

  1. Confirm that the firewall on the development computer is Windows Defender. In the Command Window type:

    [~,antivirus]=system('WMIC /Node:localhost /Namespace:\\root\SecurityCenter2 Path AntiVirusProduct Get displayName /Format:List')

    The antivirus software displays as Windows Defender.

  2. Find Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security with Windows search.

  3. Select Inbound Rules and New Rule.

  4. For the Rule Type, select Custom and Next.

  5. For the Program, select All programs and Next.

  6. For the Protocol and Ports, select Any and Next.

  7. For the Scope, add the IP address of the development computer in Which local IP addresses does this rule apply to? and add the target computer IP address in Which remote IP addresses does this rule apply to?.

  8. For the Action, select Allow the connection and Next.

  9. For the Profile, select the Domain, Private, and Public check boxes and Next.

  10. For Name, provide a Name for this inbound rule (for example, Simulink Real-Time inbound) and Finish.

  11. Select Outbound Rules and New Rule.

  12. Repeat steps 4 through 10 for the custom outbound rule.

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