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Troubleshoot Instrument Label Not Present

I get an instrument label error when working with instrumentation panels in Simulink Real-Time Explorer.

'The given key was not present in the dictionary' 

What This Issue Means

This error indicates that one or more labels added to instrument panels in Simulink Real-Time Explorer could have a corrupted name.

This label issue causes errors when opening and closing the instrument panel.

Try This Workaround

Resolve the errors for corrupted labels by renaming instruments. Simulink Real-Time Explorer names labels in the form Label<num>, where <num> is an integer.

The numbering starts at "1" and increments by one each time a new label is added.

Occasionally, a label may receive a name with a very large value for <num> (for example, Label2147483648).

Use Simulink Real-Time Explorer to find these labels with large values for <num> and rename them to avoid errors.

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