Troubleshoot Network Boot Failure Through Firewall

Some issue with Windows® Defender Firewall of the development computer causes a network boot failure with the target computer. The network boot fails with this error on the target computer.

PXE-E51:  No DHCP or proxyDHCP offers were received.
PXE-M0F:  Exiting Intel Boot Agent.

What This Issue Means

This error message occurs when the firewall settings in Windows block communications for the network boot server application. The firewall configuration must not block operation of the boot server.

Try This Workaround

The net boot server uses the BOOTP and TFTP protocols. These protocols use UDP communications on ports 67 through 70. Consult with your IT department to allow communication across the Windows firewall.

Both TCP and UDP protocol use that port range. Typically, a firewall rule needs to be created for the Ethernet card or IP range that you use to communicate between host and target computer.

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