MATLAB and Simulink Training

Advance Your Skills with MATLAB and Simulink Training

Virtual, in-person, and self-paced courses accommodate a variety of learning styles and organizational needs.

Build a foundation with these courses designed to increase proficiency.

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MATLAB Fundamentals

MATLAB Fundamentals

Learn core MATLAB functionality for data analysis, modeling, and programming.

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Simulink Fundamentals

Simulink Fundamentals

Explore dynamic system modeling, model hierarchy, and component reusability in this comprehensive introduction to Simulink.

Learn in a Format That’s Right for You

Virtual Classroom

Most of our instructor-led courses are offered in a virtual format for increased safety and convenience.

In-Person Classroom

Classroom learning with an experienced instructor is available worldwide.


Flexible online courses provide hands-on exercises with step-by-step instruction and automated feedback.

Why Invest in MathWorks Training?

We have the exclusive product knowledge to give you expert instruction. Our training covers the basics of working with MATLAB and Simulink as well as intermediate and advanced techniques that address complex workflows and niche applications.