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  • Course Overview
  • Signal Processing Basics


Generating Signals and Common Signal Operations

Generate different types of sampled signals. Perform operations in the time domain, such as changing the sample rate of a signal or shifting the frequency content without introducing unwanted artifacts.

  • Course Example: Digital Watermarking
  • Generate Digital Signals
  • Resampling
  • Modulation


Estimating Power Spectral Density

Estimate the power spectrum of signals with different frequency components. Explore standard techniques to improve the accuracy of your estimation.

  • Course Example: Identifying Fan Faults
  • Discrete Fourier Transform
  • Periodogram
  • Zero Padding
  • Windowing


Improving the Power Spectral Density Estimate

Explore different spectral analysis methods to improve results for noisy, time-varying, or short signals.

  • Course Example: Real-World Issues
  • Welch’s Method
  • Time-Frequency Analysis
  • Parametric and Subspace Methods


Characterizing Digital Filters

Visualize filter characteristics in different domains to understand how a filter will modify the time domain and frequency domain of your signals.

  • Course Example: Underwater Sound Absorption
  • Filter Coefficients
  • Filter Responses
  • Zeros and Poles


Designing Digital Filters

Design digital FIR and IIR filters using common filter response types. Start with a set of specifications or a preferred design algorithm.

  • Course Example: Verify Watermark
  • FIR Filters
  • IIR Filters
  • Filter Design Algorithms


Streaming Signal Processing

Process streaming signals by dividing input data into frames and processing each frame as it is acquired.

  • Course Example: Monitoring Fan
  • Create DSP System Objects
  • Process Signals in a Loop



Learn next steps and provide feedback on the course.

  • Additional Resources
  • Survey

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