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parpool fail with R2013b and new Mac Pro

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Joseph MacGregor
Joseph MacGregor on 11 Mar 2014
Commented: Walter Roberson on 25 Sep 2017
On a 6-core new Mac Pro (i.e., late 2013) running 10.9.2 and R2013b, parpool cannot successfully open a local pool of workers (e.g., parpool(4)). matlabpool does work, but only in a fresh MATLAB session and not if I have tried and failed to use parpool first. However, the parpool code I'm using does work on 4-core Windows 7 machines running R2013b.
Also, is this problem fixed in R2014a? I'm on a institutional license and R2014a has not yet propagated to my department.

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Edric Ellis
Edric Ellis on 12 Mar 2014
This is definitely not expected. I would suggest contacting MathWorks install support to resolve this.

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Joseph MacGregor
Joseph MacGregor on 26 Mar 2014
Hmmm, now it works in R2013b and R2014a. Probably a reboot or two since I last tried this. I wonder if an earlier failed attempt at opening a pool poisoned the well for future attempts. I was new to parpool. False alarm, I guess.

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Edric Ellis
Edric Ellis on 26 Mar 2014
Strange. Glad it's working for you now.

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Uh, I have the same issue.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 25 Sep 2017
Which MATLAB release are you using?

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