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Determination of PMSM characteristics

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Kristof on 12 Apr 2014
Answered: said belhadj on 7 Jul 2018
Hi, I'm currently using the PMSM in Matlab Simulink in combination with the Vector Control. I use the preset model n° 16 : 111 Nm 560 Vdc 3000 RPM - 126 Nm.
Now I'm a bit confused as to what these parameters mean exactly? I've tested the PMSM and the highest possible torque it can produce seems to be 1310 Nm at about 1025 RPM, however I expected the torque to be limited to 126 Nm as it says in the parameters of the preset model.
If I use the speed input of the PMSM and attach it to a ramp, I get a torque-rpm curve that looks about right, but still the maximum torque is way higher than what I'd expect. This is the curve I get:
(yellow = torque, purple = rpm)
Is it possible to calculate the motor's maximum power from this?
Do the parameters mean that the maximum torque is 111 Nm, and the supply voltage should be 560 V DC (before the inverter ofcourse) ? And in that case, what does the "3000 RPM - 126 Nm" mean?
And is there maybe a way to create a PMSM model with personal specifications?
Thanks in advance.

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said belhadj
said belhadj on 7 Jul 2018
Greetings. Me too I have the same problem. I want to use a pmsm template. but I do not know how to recover the nominal and maximum values of power, current, speed and torque. Cordially.

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