Simulated Signals in Parameter Estimator App for PMLSM Model Validation

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Have a quick question, have created a PMLSM model to validate experimental data. Currently attempting to estimate some of the model parameters to improve the model dynamics.
My model outputs are position, dc voltage and dc current, which I have the respective experimental data in the workspace.
For initial set-up using the Parameter estimator app I have used just one measured output in the model, Test Current.
However, when I am setting up the experiment using the app, I cannot specify which simulated signal to use (such as DC Current), only the measured data.
How do I specifiy the simulated signal (or signals, 3 ouputs if possible for estimation) in the experiment to compare to the measured? As at the moment both simulated current and measured current are the same signals.
Have included a screen grab of the model.
Any pointers would be great.

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