Requirements for wind turbines model description documents

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Su Liu
Su Liu on 22 Sep 2021
Commented: Su Liu on 30 Sep 2021
It's my honor to find a simulink model of wind turbine on the website,
It is very helpful to my recent work. Thank you very much for sharing. However, when I carefully study the details of the model, I often find that I can't understand how the model was built, and I fail to find the description document of the model.
Can I request a copy of this model's documentation?
Thank you so much!

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 28 Sep 2021
To learn the basics of Simscape, I recommend you complete the Simscape Onramp.
This page also has a lot of resources for learning Simscape:
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Su Liu
Su Liu on 30 Sep 2021
Thank you very much for your advice to me, I will do serious study next. Is there anything that can help me to know the physical meaning of the parameters in that model?

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