Parallel pool hangs on startup for all versions of Matlab

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Lionel on 22 Sep 2021
Answered: Raymond Norris on 22 Sep 2021
I have a critical issue with my Matlab installations that prevents me from using parallel pools on all versions of Matlab installed.
When starting a parallel pool (either from command line or manually), the process initiates and returns a result ('connected to 5 workers') and then it hangs. Using ctr+C gives the followig error message but then the window become irresponsive (which is why I had to make a screen capture:
As you might see here the problem arises when running parallel.Pool.hBuildPool. This error is independent from the vesion of Matlab: I installed version 2019b and the problem is the same, on a clen install.
This problem started after using two sessions of matlab on the same computer, each one using a parallel pool. Both crashed at some point while one was processing data, and this issue seems permanent on that computer.
Any suggestion to rsolve this?

Answers (1)

Raymond Norris
Raymond Norris on 22 Sep 2021
Not sure why this would happen with every version of MATLAB. First try clearing out all the job files (this will destroy past job results). You list MATLAB Parallel Server, but I'm going to assume you're using just PCT/local scheduler. Let me know if you're using a different scheduler (e.g., MJS, PBS, etc.) and I'll give a slightly different version of the cleanup.
local = parcluster('local');




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