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Simulink: Can you invert the constant block?

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Luca FS
Luca FS on 22 Sep 2021
Commented: Jonas on 24 Sep 2021
is there a way to "invert" the constant block?
As you know, it is possible to name a variable as a value in the constant block, which is then output as a signal. Is it possible to invert this? So enter a signal and write it into the named variable in the workspace?
Thank you!

Answers (1)

Jonas on 23 Sep 2021
Jonas on 24 Sep 2021
The 'To Workspace' block can save into a Timeseries, Array, Structure or Structure with time. It will save this type into the variable 'out' variable by default.
If you want to move the variable from the 'out' structure into the Base Workspace, you will need to use a script to copy the variable.
Since the To Workspace variables only end up in the Base Workspace after the simulation is stopped, this isn't really a hassle I would say.
Jonas on 24 Sep 2021
If you want to avoid the To Workspace block logging a lengthy array, you can put the To Workspace block inside a Triggered Subsystem and connect a 'true' to it. Then it will only save one instance of the signal.

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