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Reading Parquet Key/Value Metadata

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Matthew Clause
Matthew Clause on 22 Sep 2021 at 23:50
Is there a recommended method for reading metadata key/value pairs in the footer for a parquet file?
I'm using MATLAB to extract JSON metadata added from python's pyarrow. The footer layout is documented here I have the following code which works, but would prefer a more robust solution in the future.
function metadata = parquetmeta(filename)
fid = fopen(filename);
fseek(fid, -8, 'eof');
footer_bytes = fread(fid, 1, 'uint32', 'ieee-le');
fseek(fid, -footer_bytes, 'eof');
footer = fread(fid, [1, footer_bytes], '*char');
start_idx = find(footer == '{', 1, 'first');
end_idx = find(footer == '}', 1, 'last');
metadata = struct;
if ~isempty(start_idx) && ~isempty(end_idx)
try %#ok<TRYNC>
metadata = jsondecode(footer(start_idx, end_idx));
I'm hoping MathWorks will add support for reading Parquet file metadata in a future release. Interestingly, it appears this use to be included as a feature before MATLAB 2019, but cannot verify on my version of MATLAB.
jobj = com.mathworks.bigdata.parquet.Reader;
md = jobj.getParquetFileReader.getFileMetaData.getKeyValueMetaData;

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