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Failed loadLibrary KinectCommonBridge and Kinect v2.0

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AD on 26 Aug 2014
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
I am trying to connect Kinect v2.0 to Matlab. To do this I need to load library KinectaCommonBridge v2.0 from github here: as the Kinect v2.0 is not supported by the Image Acquisition Toolbox of Matlab R2014a.
The library compiles fine on MS Visual Studio, but trying to follow the procedure here: Matlab Link yields an angry matlab output including but not limited to: Function pointer types are unsupported in structures ERROR: extern "C"
Does anyone have any suggestions? Has anyone succeeded getting Kinect V2 to work with Matlab and is willing to share starter code? Much appreciated,
Pablo Tacconi
Pablo Tacconi on 24 Apr 2015
AD - did you ever find a solution to your problem? I am having the same problem when I try to load the Kinect Common Bridge library.
Martin Schätz
Martin Schätz on 18 Oct 2015
Hi, I was successful in connecting Kinect V2 with MatLab through other way. I just finnished few test with skeletal data and depth data (video works, but it has wrong scale of colors). It will take me some time to get it all work as it should be. I didn't try ot on any other computer then mine, but it should work. I will put some demo and info on my blog if you are interested.

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