Plot Modes of a cylinder in 3D

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ELizabeth Sharp
ELizabeth Sharp on 14 Oct 2021
Commented: ELizabeth Sharp on 14 Oct 2021
Up above is the modes of a cylinder stretched out flat for 200 degrees around the cylinder. Data is arranged in a 3D matrix: Distance x angle x displacement(at a particular time step).
The amount of data taken covers 200 degrees of the cylinder. I would like to show this data on a cylinder instead of it being flat. So far I have converted the polar data to cartesian however I am unsure how to plot this data onto a cylinder for 200 degrees.
Will I need to zero the remaining 160degrees as I do not have data for this?

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KSSV on 14 Oct 2021
ELizabeth Sharp
ELizabeth Sharp on 14 Oct 2021
Unfortunately I am having some issues with the code:
Arrays have incompatible sizes for this operation.
Error in main (line 43)
U = sqrt(UX.^2+UY.^2+UZ.^2);
The components of displacement for x and y were 41x58, the cylinder was scanned in 5mm by 5 degrees squares around from 0 to 200 degrees. So I have reordered the x and y arrays to 2378 x 1.
However the z compnent is 0:5:285. This is 0mm to 285mm in 5mm steps.
I am aware the array dimensions disagree however this is the data structure.
Using your mesh generation code I have applied the data to a surf plot, without the deformation.

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