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I am interetsed to use the URDF of KUKA-LWR 4+ and I could only find robot = importrobot('iiwa14.urdf') from an example given by mathworks. Can I find it for KUKA-LWR 4+? if yes, please share the name of the file or else please suggest if iiwa14.urdf can be ammended to make the one I am interested in.
As per my understanding iiwa14.urdf cannot be used interchangablely with KUKA-LWR 4+. Please correct me if I am wrong.
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Githin John
Githin John on 17 Nov 2021
Edited: Githin John on 17 Nov 2021
The Robot Library in MATLAB doesn't currently provide the URDF for KUKA LWR 4+ but you should be able to find it in this repo (the best I could find for this robot). The repo contains xacros which you can convert to URDF using the ROS node xacro. I would suggest importing from this URDF rather than modifying iiwa14.
Disclaimer: This is not a source of URDFs shipping in an installed MATLAB.
Githin John
Githin John on 17 Nov 2021
I had the same issue. Try this xacro kuka-lwr/single_lwr_example/single_lwr_robot/robot/single_lwr_robot.urdf.xacro

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