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About the feature list of license ('test', feature)

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There are multiple licenses with different add-on content.
I want to run the code while checking the license in the code of the m file.
Where can I find the "feature" list for "license ('test', feature)"?
Also, the features I know have the following contents, but do they match?
Product feature
Parallel Computing Toolbox Distrib_Computing_Toolbox
MATLAB Parallel Server MATLAB_Distrib_Comp_Engine
Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox Statistics_Toolbox
Deep Learning Toolbox Neural_Network_Toolbox
Reinforcement Learning Toolbox Reinforcement_Learn_Toolbox
Deep Learning HDL Toolbox Deep_Learning_HDL_Toolbox
Text Analytics Toolbox Text_Analytics_Toolbox
Predictive Maintenance Toolbox Pred_Maintenance_Toolbox
Curve Fitting Toolbox Curve_Fitting_Toolbox
Optimization Toolbox Optimization_Toolbox
Global Optimization Toolbox GADS_Toolbox
Symbolic Math Toolbox Symbolic_Toolbox
Mapping Toolbox MAP_Toolbox
Partial Differential Equation Toolbox PDE_Toolbox
Database Toolbox Database_Toolbox
MATLAB Report Generator MATLAB_Report_Gen
Embedded Coder RTW_Embedded_Coder
HDL Coder Simulink_HDL_Coder
HDL Verifier EDA_Simulator_Link
Filter Design HDL Coder Filter_Design_HDL_Coder
Fixed-Point Designer Fixed_Point_Toolbox
GPU Coder GPU_Coder
Matlab Compiler Compiler
MATLAB Compiler SDK(Matlab Compiler SDK for JAVA) MATLAB_Builder_for_Java
Matlab Compiler SDK for .net matlab_builder_for_dot_net
MATLAB Production Server MATLAB_Production_Server
MATLAB Web App Server MATLAB_Web_App_Server
Stateflow Stateflow
SimEvents SimEvents
Simscape Simscape
Simscape Driveline SimDriveline
Simscape Electrical SimElectronics
SimPowerSystems Power_System_Blocks
Simscape Fluids SimHydraulics
Simscape Multibody SimMechanics
Simulink 3D Animation Virtual_Reality_Toolbox
Simulink Real-Time XPC_Target
Simulink Desktop Real-Time Real-Time_Win_Target
Simulink Report Generator SIMULINK_Report_Gen
System Composer System_Composer
Simulink Coder Real-Time_Workshop
DDS Blockset DDS_Blockset
AUTOSAR Blockset AUTOSAR_Blockset
Simulink PLC Coder Simulink_PLC_Coder
Simulink Code Inspector Simulink_Code_Inspector
DO Qualification Kit (for DO-178) Qual_Kit_DO
IEC Certification Kit (for ISO 26262 and IEC 61508) Cert_Kit_IEC
Simulink Compiler Simulink_Compiler
Simulink Requirements Simulink_Requirements
Simulink Check SL_Verification_Validation
Simulink Coverage Simulink_Coverage
Simulink Design Verifier Simulink_Design_Verifier
Simulink Test Simulink_Test
Polyspace Bug Finder Polyspace_BF
Polyspace Code Prover Polyspace_CP
Signal Processing Toolbox Signal_Toolbox
Phased Array System Toolbox Phased_Array_System_Toolbox
Radar Toolbox Radar_Toolbox
DSP System Toolbox Signal_Blocks
Audio Toolbox Audio_System_Toolbox
Wavelet Toolbox Wavelet_Toolbox
Image Processing Toolbox Image_Toolbox
Computer Vision Toolbox Video_and_Image_Blockset
Lidar Toolbox Lidar_Toolbox
Control System Toolbox Control_Toolbox
System Identification Toolbox Identification_Toolbox
Robust Control Toolbox Robust_Toolbox
Model Predictive Control Toolbox MPC_Toolbox
Fuzzy Logic Toolbox Fuzzy_Toolbox
Simulink Control Design Simulink_Control_Design
Simulink Design Optimization Simulink_Design_Optim
Motor Control Blockset Motor_Control_Blockset
Data Acquisition Toolbox Data_Acq_Toolbox
Instrument Control Toolbox Instr_Control_Toolbox
Image Acquisition Toolbox Image_Acquisition_Toolbox
OPC Toolbox OPC_Toolbox
Vehicle Network Toolbox Vehicle_Network_Toolbox
ThingSpeak thingspeak
Antenna Toolbox Antenna_Toolbox
RF Toolbox RF_Toolbox
RF PCB Toolbox RF_PCB_Toolbox
RF Blockset RF_Blockset
Mixed-Signal Blockset Mixed_Signal_Blockset
SerDes Toolbox SerDes_Toolbox
Signal Integrity Toolbox Signal_Integrity_Toolbox
Communications Toolbox Communications Toolbox
WLAN Toolbox WLAN_System_Toolbox
LTE Toolbox LTE_Toolbox
5G Toolbox MATLAB_5G_Toolbox
Satellite Communications Toolbox Satellite_Comm_Toolbox
Automated Driving Toolbox Automated_Driving_Toolbox
Robotics System Toolbox Robotics_System_Toolbox
UAV Toolbox UAV_Toolbox
Navigation Toolbox Navigation_Toolbox
ROS Toolbox ROS_Toolbox
Sensor Fusion and Tracking Toolbox Sensor_Fusion_and_Tracking
RoadRunner roadrunner
RoadRunner Asset Library roadrunner_asset_library (Guess)
RoadRunner Scene Builder roadrunner_scene_builder (Guess)
Wireless HDL Toolbox LTE_HDL_Toolbox
Vision HDL Toolbox Vision_HDL_Toolbox
SoC Blockset SoC_Blockset
Model-Based Calibration Toolbox MBC_Toolbox
Powertrain Blockset Powertrain Blockset
Vehicle Dynamics Blockset Vehicle_Dynamics_Blockset
Aerospace Blockset Aerospace_Blockset
Aerospace Toolbox Aerospace_Toolbox
Econometrics Toolbox Econometrics_Toolbox
Financial Toolbox Financial_Toolbox
Datafeed Toolbox Datafeed_Toolbox
Spreadsheet Link (for Microsoft Excel) Excel_Link
Financial Instruments Toolbox Fin_Instruments_Toolbox
Risk Management Toolbox Risk_Management_Toolbox
Bioinformatics Toolbox Bioinformatics_Toolbox
SimBiology SimBiology
Polyspace Products for Ada polyspace_ada
Polyspace Bug Finder Access Polyspsce_BF_Access (Guess)
Polyspace Bug Finder Server Polyspace_BF_Server
Polyspace Code Prover Access Polyspce_CP_Access (Guess)
Polyspace Code Prover Server Polyspace_CP_Server

Accepted Answer

Infinite_king on 14 Dec 2023
Edited: Infinite_king on 14 Dec 2023
Hi Kunihide Hirai,
I understand that you want to know the mapping list of products and it’s feature name.
The list can be found out as follows,
  1. Use the script given by the user in the following MATLAB answer,,Here%27s%20what%20I%20use%3A,-EDIT%3A%20Now%20all
  2. For R2023b, you can find the mapping below,
list = getFeatureName;
{'5G Toolbox' } {'MATLAB_5G_Toolbox' } {'Aerospace Toolbox' } {'Aerospace_Toolbox' } {'Aerospace Blockset' } {'Aerospace_Blockset' } {'Antenna Toolbox' } {'Antenna_Toolbox' } {'Audio Toolbox' } {'Audio_System_Toolbox' } {'Powertrain Blockset' } {'Powertrain_Blockset' } {'AUTOSAR Blockset' } {'AUTOSAR_Blockset' } {'Bioinformatics Toolbox' } {'Bioinformatics_Toolbox' } {'Bluetooth Toolbox' } {'Bluetooth_Toolbox' } {'C2000 Microcontroller Blockset' } {'C2000_Blockset' } {'Communications Toolbox' } {'Communication_Toolbox' } {'MATLAB Compiler' } {'Compiler' } {'MATLAB Compiler SDK' } {'MATLAB_Builder_for_Java' } {'Control System Toolbox' } {'Control_Toolbox' } {'Curve Fitting Toolbox' } {'Curve_Fitting_Toolbox' } {'Data Acquisition Toolbox' } {'Data_Acq_Toolbox' } {'Database Toolbox' } {'Database_Toolbox' } {'Datafeed Toolbox' } {'Datafeed_Toolbox' } {'DDS Blockset' } {'DDS_Blockset' } {'Deep Learning HDL Toolbox' } {'Deep_Learning_HDL_Toolbox' } {'DO Qualification Kit' } {'Qual_Kit_DO' } {'Automated Driving Toolbox' } {'Automated_Driving_Toolbox' } {'DSP System Toolbox' } {'Signal_Blocks' } {'DSP HDL Toolbox' } {'DSP_HDL_Toolbox' } {'Embedded Coder' } {'RTW_Embedded_Coder' } {'Econometrics Toolbox' } {'Econometrics_Toolbox' } {'HDL Verifier' } {'EDA_Simulator_Link' } {'Spreadsheet Link' } {'Excel_Link' } {'Simulink Fault Analyzer' } {'Simulink_Fault_Analyzer' } {'Financial Toolbox' } {'Financial_Toolbox' } {'Financial Instruments Toolbox' } {'Fin_Instruments_Toolbox' } {'Fixed-Point Designer' } {'Fixed_Point_Toolbox' } {'Sensor Fusion and Tracking Toolbox' } {'Sensor_Fusion_and_Tracking' } {'Fuzzy Logic Toolbox' } {'Fuzzy_Toolbox' } {'Global Optimization Toolbox' } {'GADS_Toolbox' } {'GPU Coder' } {'GPU_Coder' } {'HDL Coder' } {'Simulink_HDL_Coder' } {'Filter Design HDL Coder' } {'Filter_Design_HDL_Coder' } {'Industrial Communication Toolbox' } {'OPC_Toolbox' } {'System Identification Toolbox' } {'Identification_Toolbox' } {'IEC Certification Kit' } {'Cert_Kit_IEC' } {'Image Processing Toolbox' } {'Image_Toolbox' } {'Image Acquisition Toolbox' } {'Image_Acquisition_Toolbox' } {'Instrument Control Toolbox' } {'Instr_Control_Toolbox' } {'Lidar Toolbox' } {'Lidar_Toolbox' } {'LTE Toolbox' } {'LTE_Toolbox' } {'Mapping Toolbox' } {'MAP_Toolbox' } {'MATLAB' } {'MATLAB' } {'MATLAB Coder' } {'MATLAB_Coder' } {'MATLAB Test' } {'MATLAB_Test' } {'Model-Based Calibration Toolbox' } {'MBC_Toolbox' } {'Motor Control Blockset' } {'Motor_Control_Blockset' } {'Medical Imaging Toolbox' } {'Medical_Imaging_Toolbox' } {'Model Predictive Control Toolbox' } {'MPC_Toolbox' } {'Mixed-Signal Blockset' } {'Mixed_Signal_Blockset' } {'MATLAB Production Server' } {'MATLAB_Production_Server' } {'Navigation Toolbox' } {'Navigation_Toolbox' } {'Deep Learning Toolbox' } {'Neural_Network_Toolbox' } {'Optimization Toolbox' } {'Optimization_Toolbox' } {'Parallel Computing Toolbox' } {'Distrib_Computing_Toolbox' } {'MATLAB Parallel Server' } {'MATLAB_Distrib_Comp_Engine' } {'Partial Differential Equation Toolbox' } {'PDE_Toolbox' } {'Phased Array System Toolbox' } {'Phased_Array_System_Toolbox'} {'Simulink PLC Coder' } {'Simulink_PLC_Coder' } {'Polyspace Bug Finder' } {'Polyspace_BF' } {'Polyspace Bug Finder Server' } {'Polyspace_BF_Server' } {'Polyspace Code Prover' } {'Polyspace_CP' } {'Polyspace Code Prover Server' } {'Polyspace_CP_Server' } {'Polyspace Test' } {'Polyspace_Test' } {'Predictive Maintenance Toolbox' } {'Pred_Maintenance_Toolbox' } {'Radar Toolbox' } {'Radar_Toolbox' } {'RF Toolbox' } {'RF_Toolbox' } {'RF PCB Toolbox' } {'RF_PCB_Toolbox' } {'Risk Management Toolbox' } {'Risk_Management_Toolbox' } {'Reinforcement Learning Toolbox' } {'Reinforcement_Learn_Toolbox'} {'Robotics System Toolbox' } {'Robotics_System_Toolbox' } {'Robust Control Toolbox' } {'Robust_Toolbox' } {'ROS Toolbox' } {'ROS_Toolbox' } {'MATLAB Report Generator' } {'MATLAB_Report_Gen' } {'Simulink Report Generator' } {'SIMULINK_Report_Gen' } {'Satellite Communications Toolbox' } {'Satellite_Comm_Toolbox' } {'SerDes Toolbox' } {'SerDes_Toolbox' } {'Signal Integrity Toolbox' } {'Signal_Integrity_Toolbox' } {'Signal Processing Toolbox' } {'Signal_Toolbox' } {'SimBiology' } {'SimBiology' } {'SimEvents' } {'SimEvents' } {'RF Blockset' } {'RF_Blockset' } {'Simscape' } {'Simscape' } {'Simscape Battery' } {'Simscape_Battery' } {'Simscape Driveline' } {'SimDriveline' } {'Simscape Electrical' } {'Power_System_Blocks' } {'Simscape Fluids' } {'SimHydraulics' } {'Simscape Multibody' } {'SimMechanics' } {'Simulink' } {'SIMULINK' } {'Simulink Coder' } {'Real-Time_Workshop' } {'Simulink Compiler' } {'Simulink_Compiler' } {'Simulink Test' } {'Simulink_Test' } {'Simulink 3D Animation' } {'Virtual_Reality_Toolbox' } {'Simulink Check' } {'SL_Verification_Validation' } {'Simulink Code Inspector' } {'Simulink_Code_Inspector' } {'Simulink Control Design' } {'Simulink_Control_Design' } {'Simulink Coverage' } {'Simulink_Coverage' } {'Simulink Design Optimization' } {'Simulink_Design_Optim' } {'Simulink Desktop Real-Time' } {'Real-Time_Win_Target' } {'Simulink Design Verifier' } {'Simulink_Design_Verifier' } {'Requirements Toolbox' } {'Simulink_Requirements' } {'Simulink Real-Time' } {'XPC_Target' } {'SoC Blockset' } {'SoC_Blockset' } {'Stateflow' } {'Stateflow' } {'Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox'} {'Statistics_Toolbox' } {'Symbolic Math Toolbox' } {'Symbolic_Toolbox' } {'System Composer' } {'System_Composer' } {'Text Analytics Toolbox' } {'Text_Analytics_Toolbox' } {'UAV Toolbox' } {'UAV_Toolbox' } {'Vehicle Dynamics Blockset' } {'Vehicle_Dynamics_Blockset' } {'Computer Vision Toolbox' } {'Video_and_Image_Blockset' } {'Vision HDL Toolbox' } {'Vision_HDL_Toolbox' } {'Vehicle Network Toolbox' } {'Vehicle_Network_Toolbox' } {'Wavelet Toolbox' } {'Wavelet_Toolbox' } {'MATLAB Web App Server' } {'MATLAB_Web_App_Server' } {'Wireless HDL Toolbox' } {'LTE_HDL_Toolbox' } {'WLAN Toolbox' } {'WLAN_System_Toolbox' } {'Wireless Testbench' } {'Wireless_Testbench' }
Hope this is helpful.

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