How to introduce for loop index in filename when using imwrite function?

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I'm very new to Matlab, so I'm sorry if this is too basic... I'm trying to figure out how to save all specified frames of a video (I usually don't have only 4 frames; I have more than 100...), giving them different names, preferable containing either the b variable corresponding to that loop or the corresponding frame number. How do I introduce that in the "imwrite..." line below? The way it is written now, it only saves the last frame, of course...
for a=3:size(sdirectory,1)
filename=horzcat(directory, '\', sdirectory(a).name);
filecheck=contains(filename,'.avi') && contains(filename, 'Lever', 'IgnoreCase', true);
if filecheck==1;
for b=1:size(frame,1)
imwrite(thisframe, [directory, '\', '.jpg']);
Daniela Pereira
Daniela Pereira on 25 Nov 2021
Thank you very much! These are really helpful suggestions, not only to solve this particular problem but to improve the code.

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Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 24 Nov 2021
Try this:
baseFileName = sprintf('Frame %4.4d.jpg', a);
fullFileName = fullfile(directory, baseFileName);
imwrite(thisframe, fullFileName);
If you can at all avoid it, don't use JPG images. They change your image values and can create bad artifacts. Use a .PNG extension instead.
Adapt as needed, like put another prefix in there instead of "Frame", or use 3.3d instead of 4.4d if you know you'll never have more than a thousand frames.
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Daniela Pereira
Daniela Pereira on 24 Nov 2021
Thank you, it worked (substituting a above by b). And thanks for the other suggestions :)

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