What is the greatest advantage of MATLAB over Python, in ML?

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Munzal Borade
Munzal Borade on 5 Dec 2021
Answered: the cyclist on 5 Dec 2021
This is just a genral question

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the cyclist
the cyclist on 5 Dec 2021
Disclaimer: I am a 90% MATLAB / 10% python user, so I could be biased.
I think one big advantage of MATLAB over python is the centralized, definitive documentation of the functions (ML and otherwise). When I can't get something working in MATLAB, it is almost always faster to find out the problem, than when I have a similar issue in python (where I often find multiple, seemingly conflicting "solutions").
Secondly, if there is a function/method available in MATLAB, you can be very confident it is thoroughly tested from a methodological point of view (often with academic references). The same cannot be said for python packages you find. (In fairness, though, the major ML python packages are also solid.)
Finally, there is responsive Mathworks support staff to answer questions and deal with issues that come up, if any.



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