Programatically set Inport/Outport Blocks as "Output as nonvirtual bus"

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We have a hiarchy of models with busses going across model boundries. We need to have all these inports and outports set as nonvirtual bus. If we don't bad things seem to happen with the code. With new programmers coming on we find these check boxes rarely get set. I am looking for a way to either Default the checkbox "Output as nonvirtual bus" to "yes" or programatically interrigate the entire model hiarchy to find all inport and outport and set the check box.

Answers (1)

Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom on 23 Dec 2021
  1. use find_mdlrefs() to get a list of all referenced models
  2. For each model, use find_system() to get a list of inports and outports
  3. For each inport and each outport, use set_param() to set 'BusOutputAsStruct' to true




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