variable forced Mass-spring-damper system Matlab script or Simulink model.

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I have a mass-spring-damper (MSD) system but the external forced applied to the mass is time varying. The external force is calculated in each time step and want to get the solution for displacement (x) and velocity(x') of the mass.
(The force F(t) is not a defined function of time like sinusoidal, impulse, or constant. It is a time varying but has a pre-calculated value for each time step)
For more detail please see the attachment.
I wanna develop a matlab script or Simulink model that runs for infinite time or for long time even the system has come to stable. Once there is a disturbance added to the system (stable system or not) again external force is changing and I want to compute new set of values for x,and x' for each time step.
If someone knows how to solve such a system in Matlab or Simulink, advise me.

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