Using parfeval and getting "Not enough input arguments"

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I am attempting to use the parfeval function. I routinely get "not enough input arguments" error. Below is a very simplified script, and this gets the same error message. This function simply is trying to open two xml files at the defined path and the filename. If I run the function directly (line commented out with "% %" the function works fine. When attempt to use with parfeval, get the "not enough input arguments" at the link "systemStruc = readstruct(..."
Eventually this will be built into a compiled version. This is very simplied sample of function code, but even this gives me the error.
%test parfeval
systemXmlPath = 'D:\myTestSystem';
systemStatusFile = 'myTestSystemStatus.xml';
WatchID = parfeval( backgroundPool, twoParameterFunction, 1, systemXmlPath, systemStatusFile );
% % result = twoParameterFunction(systemXmlPath, systemStatusFile);
disp('passed off');
function [result] = twoParameterFunction(systemXmlPath, systemStatusFile)
result = false;
%set system level paths and read system defined parameters from the XML
systemStruct = readstruct(fullfile( systemXmlPath,'myTestConfiguration.xml'));
debugLevel = systemStruct.ImageProcess.DebugLevel;
resultsStructIn = readstruct( systemStruct.Folders.ResultsFile);
statusRead = readstruct(fullfile(systemXmlPath, systemStatusFile));
result = statusRead;

Accepted Answer

Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Thompson on 31 Jan 2022
Edited: Benjamin Thompson on 31 Jan 2022
You probably need an @ sign for the function handle, as in:
WatchID = parfeval( backgroundPool, @twoParameterFunction, 1, systemXmlPath, systemStatusFile );

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