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Warnings in opening Matlab to be removed

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Damiano on 6 Dec 2014
Answered: Fritz on 2 Sep 2016
I receive the following warnings in opening Matlab:
Warning: '/Users/dc/Documents/MATLAB/Toolboxes/layout' is not a valid folder. You might not be able to run installed Toolboxes.
Warning: '/Users/dc/Documents/MATLAB/Toolboxes/layoutdoc' is not a valid folder. You might not be able to run installed Toolboxes.
Warning: Error reading file: At end-of-file.
The toolbox I had installed is the GUI Layout Toolbox. It has been installed at the beginning in the wrong folders (the ones that appear in the warnings), then in a second tentative in the correct ones. The folders displayed in the warning don't exist anymore and shouldn't be searched at all, but I can't find what file calls them in the opening, so I am being not able to remove the warnings.
The GUI Layout Toolbox works perfectly, calling the files in the correct folders. The Matlab path is set to the correct folders as well, so the wrong folders are not called there.
Any advice on how to remove these warnings?

Answers (3)

Fritz on 2 Sep 2016
You may try adjusting or removing the pathes in the hidden file: ..\MATLAB\Add-Ons\.toolboxFolders

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 6 Dec 2014
I'm not familiar with that toolbox - it's probably a third party toolbox so I suggest you contact the authors for why it's not getting installed properly. Otherwise you can check your startup.m file to see if something with paths is going on there. Or issue the command "restoredefaultpath" to reset the path back to factory defaults.
Damiano on 6 Dec 2014
there wasn't any, I added one with the command
dbstop if warning
to activate debugging in case of warning, but it is called only after the warning are produced.

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 6 Dec 2014
You can also see if:
rehash toolboxcache
sets things back to what they were.
Star Strider
Star Strider on 6 Dec 2014
Since those files aren’t on the path, something is obviously calling them or attempting to write to them. Since the Toolbox works, you may have to search the files in that directory (somehow) to see which one is creating those paths and querying them. Then comment those lines out and see if it makes any difference.
It might be easier to contact the Toolbox author to ask about them and particularly if they’re necessary.

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