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I want to transmit data via the "SPI Master Transfer block" to two different slaves.

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How do I use 'Explicit GPIO calls' to control the transmission of data to different slaves? For instance I have two DACs that I want to transmit data to. The CS pin of DAC1 is connected to GPIOPINX and the CS pin of DAC2 is connected to GPIOPINY.

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Anshuman on 18 Jan 2024
To control the transmission of data to different slave devices like DACs (Digital-to-Analog Converters) using explicit GPIO (General-Purpose Input/Output) calls, you need to manually manage the state of the chip select (CS) pins for each device. This allows you to select which DAC you are communicating with at any given time.
To transmit data to two different DACs with CS pins connected to GPIOPINX for DAC1 and GPIOPINY for DAC2, firstly you'll have to configure GPIOPINX and GPIOPINY as output pins. You'll also need to set them to a high state initially, since the CS pin is typically active-low.
To transmit data to DAC1, you'll need to pull GPIOPINX low to select DAC1, transmit the data, and then pull GPIOPINX high to deselect DAC1. Similarly, to transmit data to DAC2, you'll need to pull GPIOPINY low to select DAC2, transmit the data, and then pull GPIOPINY high to deselect DAC2. After that, you an repeat steps 2 and 3 as needed to continue communication with either DAC.





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